Expense Claims Software

Claims Management Software

For Easy & Quick expense management

Employees can easily scan receipts with a smartphone and the expense data will be automatically populated. Quick and Easy process! Approving manager will be able to view the claim details and supporting documents via the web browser or mobile app.

Claims Management Software for Small Business

Applying for claims is just a tap away on your mobile app! You can easily scan your receipts and the details will be filled automatically for your to submit immediately. There is no need to fill up forms manually and worry about losing them.

Scan & Submit you claims to the Claims Management Software

Our Expense Claims Software allows you to scan your claim receipt and details will be automatically captured into the system. This makes it easy and convenient for you to submit a claim and receive your reimbursement.
Claims Management Features

Our Claim Management Software supports up to three-level approval structure, allows for different types of customizable approving officers, and approved claims are automatically updated in the HR & Payroll System.


  • Able to apply claim online via browser or smart phone from anywhere
  • Able to check their current claim application status
  • Allowed to access their own records only
  • Able to view their approved claim details

Approving Officers

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can Approve / Reject their employees' claim applications
  • Allowed to view their department's employees claim details only
  • Able to access the reports to view their own employees/ claims applied details

HR Managers

  • All claim approval requests will be sent to the Payroll Officer or HR Manager for final approval
  • Can Approve / Reject the claim submission
  • While approving, HR can view other employees' claim details for the same day
  • Can view details & summary of claim reports for all employees
  • Able to create new, edit & delete employee details
  • Able to assign the rights for the Approving Officers

How Info-Tech Claims Software Benefits Your Business

  • Eliminate manual data entry and paperwork
  • Streamlines the claims process - easier, smarter, and faster
  • Scan the receipt and data will be auto populated
  • Seamless data integration with Payroll software
Claims Management Software New Zealand

Submit multiple claims and get them approved instantly via the claims management software or mobile app

Access all of the expense claims information at your fingertips, get real-time notifications on every stage whether your application is approved or denied.

Push Notification Alert: Push notification will be sent to the Mobile App for every claim application & approval.
Employees can easily scan receipts with their smartphone and the expense data will be automatically populated.
Approved claims will automatically be updated into the Payroll system and the claim details will then be shown in the employees’ pay slips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can set up to three levels of approval to approve the expense claims submitted by employees.

It should be fast because approvers can easily approve employees' leave applications via smartphone on the go!

Go into your mobile app and tap on the Claims tab to apply for claims.

You will receive mobile push notifications or email whether your claims are approved or rejected.

Go into Info-Tech Mobile App and tap into Claims, you will see all types of claims that you are eligible for from the Summary page.