Leave Software

Leave Management Software

Request and approve leaves online via Web browser and Mobile App

Employees can request leaves using our leave management software, and supervisors can approve such requests from anywhere at any time. This includes the mobile push notifications in assisting employees and managers to stay updated on every stage.

Leave Management System with Tracking

Equipped with leave management tracking software, the system can detect employees who are currently on leave and the type of leave they applied to be recorded for future payroll or track the number of leaves the employee has left for the year.
Leave Management Software Features
Leave App

Leave Apply & Approval via App

Leave Attachment

Attach supporting document for leave application

Leave Balance

Staff can view all types of Leave balances

Daily Leave Alert

Get to know who is on leave today

Leave Calendar

View staff leave details in Monthly View

Up to 3 Level Approval

Different Approval level can be set

Backup Approver

If approver not available, Backup can approve leaves

Leave Approve

While approving, view other staff’s on leave on that department

Leave Management Software for Small Business

Need a software to help with managing employees' leaves? Our Leave Management Software is equipped with functions such as administering leaves, automatically calculate & deduct used leaves and link them to the Payroll Software for any Unpaid Leaves applied.

Explore the Leave Management Software Features

Our Leave software supports up to a three-level approval structure. It allows for different access levels to be set as different approving officers, and approved levels are automatically updated in the HR & Payroll System.


  • Able to apply for leave online via browser or smart phone from anywhere
  • Able to check their current leave application status
  • Allowed to access their own records only
  • Able to view print their leave taken reports

Approving Officers

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can Approve / Reject their employees' leave applications
  • Allowed to view their department's employees leave details only
  • While approving, view other staff who on leave in that department
  • Able to access the reports to view their own employees' leave taken details

HR Managers

  • All leave approval requests will be sent to the Payroll Officer or HR manager for final approval
  • Can Approval / Reject the leave applications
  • While approving, HR can view other employees' leave taken details for the same day
  • Can view details & summary of leave taken reports for all employees
  • Able to create new, edit & delete employee details
  • Able to assign the rights for the Approving Officers
Leave Management Software New Zealand
Receive push notifications for any leave application
Daily Leave Alert: On a daily basis, a push notification will be sent to the managers’ Mobile App about the current day’s leave details. This will help managers plan their day to day activities efficiently.
Each time an employee applies for leave in real-time, a push notification & an e-mail alert will be sent to the approving officer’s Mobile App.
Approved leave details will be updated to our Time Attendance System & Payroll System on a real-time basis and the leave details can then be shown in the employees’ pay slips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can apply leave within the mobile app through the leave tab and choose the type of leave follow by the date and other details.

Yes, you can view the leave status through the leave history.

Go through the Leave Tab and tap on the Leave Calendar.

Yes, you can change the leave approver via leave management software.

The system saves the information in the HRMS software for HR viewing.