Project Costing Software

Project Cost Management Software

Get full control over your project cost and be on top in the business world

Project Cost Software is a cloud based software which captures the employees’ time spent on each project using mobile app / biometric machines and compute the project costing based on their salaries & payroll benefits.

Project Costing Software New Zealand

Project Cost Management Overview

The system allows project cost estimation of the time and amount of jobs taken by an employee. This cost management benefits managers to achieve better project budgeting and cost controls with the objective of keeping expenditures within approved budget.

Project Cost Management Software for Small Business

Calculating costs for projects can be tedious especially for small businesses that are just starting up. With Info-Tech Project Cost Management Software, you can easily calculate & estimate your projects' costs, assign employees to projects & link them to the Payroll Software.

Project Cost
Management Features

These essentials will help you to manage your project costs better.
Actual Time Spent Capturing

Captures actual time spent for every job by an individual staff.

Capture Multiple Job Details

Capable to capture multiple job details for one staff on the same day.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Man Hour Report & Monthly Wages Report.

Project Summary

Monthly & Yearly Project Summary reports

Time Comparison Report

Comparison report for targeted hours & actual hours taken for a project or job.

Cost Comparison Report

Comparison report for estimated cost & actual cost incurred for a project or job.

Job Cost System Architecture

Our Job Cost System is built-up with three levels of architecture. i.e. A company may have many projects and every project is divided into groupings (i.e. Job group) and each sub-group can be divided into small jobs/tasks.

Key Benefits of Project Cost Management

  • Identify operational efficiency of the project
  • Prioritize projects based on the costs
  • Lower unecessary expenses
  • Organize spending

Assisting companies on project basis with Project Cost Management Software

Our project cost tracking system makes it easier to keep track of and calculate how much it costs to manage a project. Our system will produce reports upon project completion for the total number of man hours and overall cost incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the project in the Project Cost Management system and choose an employee to assign to the project.

Project cost management helps calculate the costs of a project and link them to employee payroll for automated calculation.

You can click on the generate report button on the top of the project.

You can key in up to 999 projects into the software.

Yes, the project job cost software calculates the hours and jobs automatically.